Mira Zwillinger 2013 – 2014 Bridal Collection

For the modern bride who prefers romantic dresses and stunning lace detail the bridal collection by Mira Zwillinger will definitely tick off each box on a discerning bride’s must have list. Each dress is meticulously crafted and the attention to detail shows in tiniest of details. Modern glamour should not be over the top however it must be elegant and each dress in the designer’s 2013 – 2014 collection is. Since her first collection in 2010, Israeli born Mira Zwillinger sources out the best fabrics to create the dresses found in each of her bridal collections. And her latest collection fails to disappoint. The use of fabrics such as silk crepe, lace, taffeta, and chiffon are preferred by Zwillinger. Sheer fabrics are exquisitely adorned with crystals and beads to create wedding dresses that makes this modern couture collection a in my opinion a definite standout. Take a look…

Mira- Zwillinger -2013 -2014-Angelina

Mira-Zwillinger -2013 -2014-Angelina

Mira Zwillinger 2013 -2014 -Roxie

Mira -Zwillinger-2013 -2014-roxie-detail

Mira- Zwillinger -2013 -2014-alexa

Mira- Zwillinger- 2013 -2014-alexa-detail

Mira Zwillinger 2013 -2014 -Grace

Mira -Zwillinger- 2013 -2014 -Grace-detail

Mira- Zwillinger 2013 -2014-Beatrice

Mira-Zwillinger-2013 -2014-Beatrice-detail

Mira-Zwillinger-2013 -2014-Chloe-Detail

Mira -Zwillinger- 2013 -2014- Chloe- detail

Mira -Zwillinger- 2013 -2014- Roxanna

Mira- Zwillinger- 2013 -2014 -Roxanna -detail

Mira -Zwillinger -2013 -2014 -Jade- detail

Mira -Zwillinger- 2013 -2014- Flora

Mira -Zwillinger -2013 -2014- Flora -detail

Mira- Zwillinger- 2013 -2014-Sira

Mira- Zwillinger -2013 -2014-Sira-detail

Mira- Zwillinger -2013 -2014 Sophia

Mira- Zwillinger- 2013 -2014- Sophia-detail

Mira -Zwillinger -2013 -2014- Asheley -detail

Mira -Zwillinger- 2013 -2014 -Asheley- detail

Mira- Zwillinger -2013 -2014 -Francis-detail

Mira- Zwillinger -2013 -2014- Francis- detail

Mira -Zwillinger -2013 -2014 -Karina

Mira -Zwillinger -2013 -2014-Claris

Mira -Zwillinger -2013 -2014- Claris-detail

Dear Readers, I am often emailed regarding the wedding dress collections featured on this blog. I am NOT a retailer nor do I have any direct relationship with the designers that are featured. Each post contains a link to each designers website where you can find additional information regarding the collection your are interested in. For more information please visit the Marina Zwillinger website for possible retail locations and info about the collection featured above.




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